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See what our clients have said about us!

Absolutely WONDERFUL! Abby and Jill were miracle workers. I had boxes and boxes (and boxes) of things that needed to be sorted through, and had let the stress of them build up. Happily Ever Organized came in and set a plan, and alleviated all the build up. The sigh of relief I'd be looking for. They were so professional and non-judgmental. My closet, pantry, bathroom and office now shine. Not only did they help me parse through the clutter, they beautified my space beyond what I thought it could be! Best money I've ever spent. Would not do a move or transition without them again. I literally have them on speed-dial now.

- Lori L, Denver CO

Kristin did a great job organizing closets, dresser drawers, and even maximizing the space of the rooms for both projects. My daughters' room has been transitioned into an age appropriate space for toddlers that is easy to maintain and keep organized. Our son's nursery was the icing on the cake! I loved having drawer dividers put in so I can maximize the space and get the most out of it. I was also at a loss with decorating.. Kristin handled it on her own and made the rooms look so cute! I had just a few ideas of what I wanted to do, and she made it come to life (better than I could've arranged honestly). I am already looking forward to our next project!

-Moriah B , Hobbs NM

I am a very organized person and messy rooms bother me a lot and eat up my peace of mind. That being said, when I hired services from Happily Ever Organized, I did not imagine the completed project of my master bedroom closet would turn out to be so freaking amazing! My closet gives me that peace of mind and I am extremely happy and satisfied with their service. Jill and Abby were very responsive to my needs, super friendly, very professional, and they finished the closet installation by the requested timeline. I have taken quotes from other closet designers but the reason I hired Jill was because 1) they are local to Denver, I wanted to help out a local business 2) a mother daughter team (go women team yay!!) 3) they said they would uninstall the existing shelves in my master closet, repaint the walls and install the new closet system. So, no extra work for me at all. And the best part was that they put back all of my clothes in a very organized way, clothes on the hangers were color coded, my workout clothes were neatly folded and stacked, they arranged all of my footwear and my handbags, and they even made a section to keep all of my Christmas clothes. I am super happy with how this experience turned out to be. I will definitely hire them again to redesign my guest room closets.

-Chaitra R, Thornton CO

I had not been able to park in my garage in our house that we've owned for 7 years! I was completely embarrassed when Jill and Abby first came to look at our garage. I'm generally pretty organized, at least inside the house. My husband and I were so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of "stuff" that we had just tossed in there, we were likely to never get started. It felt like it was going to take us a week just to weed through everything, so we kept putting it off. I finally had enough and really wanted to park in the garage for the winter. Jill and Abby had our garage cleared out and organized within 2 days! The best part is that it all made so much sense that I think we'll easily be able to keep it up. Jill and Abby are a pleasure to work with and their customer service is incredible. Don't hesitate to hire them! Quit waiting, do it today!

-Kelley A,  Aurora CO

This company went above and beyond with communication and service to make sure the end product was successful! We love our new remote controlled bike lifts!

-Muriel L, Denver CO

Was a HUGE help in getting my closet organized. Beforehand my closet was tough to manage while being busy with work and it got away from me. I couldn't find the time, or come up with a plan in order to get the job done. This is where Abby came in and provided a great relief to my life/organization. She came in with a plan that offered easy and efficient use of my closet. To this day I am able to use my closet with ease and it has stayed organized thanks to her expertise.

-Karl K, Dallas TX


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