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Garage - Golden, Colorado

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

One of the major projects Happily Ever Organized decided to take on, was a three-car garage located in Golden, Colorado. The client already had some cabinets installed prior to the beginning of the project, so we wanted to incorporate those helpful units into our organizational design. This way we can maximize as much space as possible while simultaneously using organization methods the client has already put in place (i.e. bins, cabinets, etc.)

Overall, the job took about two days to complete. We went through each cabinets and organized by shelf depending on what the client had the most of. So, for example, the client had a ton of camping equipment in various places so we decided to dedicate an entire cabinet to that. From there we broke things down by occasion, type of equipment, and decor. If you look at some of the photos provided below you can get a look at how each cabinet was separated.

Finally to put a perfect finish on the project, we cleaned, sweeped, and wiped down all the surfaced that had attracted dirt over time. To ensure the garage stays clean for a while, we topped the floor off with a power wash. The customer was satisfied with the job!

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