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Complete Master Bathroom Project

This past weekend, I embarked on a fun project that involved an organizational transformation of a beautiful master bathroom. The bathroom was already very well decorated and just needed a few tweeks as far as organization goes. My client had a lot of cabinet storage so it was really fun to organize in the exact way she wanted without having to worry about space issues!

My client had lots of products that she uses or have used throughout the year. Anything from lotions, to face serums, or extra supplements, we were able to put those in spaces where they are visible and accessible. The best part was my client finding some of the older products she had forgot about. We found unused facemasks, makeup, and a great round brush that she hadn't been able to find in forever.

This project meant a lot to me because, like my client, I love to try out different products and have many lotions, face washes, etc. that overcrowd my bathroom. The key is to identify the products you really use and eliminate the ones you forgot even existed. This doesn't mean get rid of everything you don't use, just older bottles that have been mostly used. A good tip is to combine any lotions that are the same brand into the more full one, so you don't waste money yet still have most of your product.

Bathrooms are amazing. This sounds funny but bathrooms are one of the only places where we can truly be private. Why not have an organized functional bathroom for a space you spend a considerate amount of your life!

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