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Laundry Life

I have never had so much fun with one of my projects before! In this project I tackled a large laundry room that needed some organizing to function more effectively. I mostly worked on cabinet space that the client already had installed when the house was built. In cases like this, I found that the most functional thing to use as a go to is clear plastic bins (with dividers!!) that can fit within the measurements of the cabinet space you're working with. In addition to bins, make sure to have lots of drawer dividers / drawer organizers.

For this project, I first measured each cabinet space and mapped out what I wanted to put in each space based off the things the client used. From this, I was able to determine which bins to get from the queen @ContainerStore that would function best with what the client wanted.

In addition to this, this project was the first time I tried using cute/fun labels to give it more of an aesthetic vibe that you see on Instagram, Pinterest, etc. It also provided a clean look to the room and contents inside the bins could be easily identified.

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